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Travel Tips when Flying

I’ve made the mistakes, so you don’t have to! On this page, I post articles every week ranging from collecting airline miles, how to plan your trip, tips for traveling around, vaccines, visas, etc. Click on the pictures below for the articles.

vacation budgeting

Vacation Budgeting (No, It’s Not All About the Money)

It’s time to talk vacation budgeting. How much time off of work do you typically get? I know in corporate America, the typical is two weeks, maybe 8 holidays, and [almost] every weekend off. Having only two weeks of vacation myself, I realized that if I wanted to travel more, I would have to start […]

flight anxiety

5 Helpful Tips on Handling Flight Anxiety

You know the feeling: you sat in the window seat because it gives you a false sense of control. The pilot starts making announcements and the flight attendants review their usual instructions. For some, this is a mundane, no-big-deal thing. For others, like myself, we’re internally freaking out and hoping/praying we make it to our […]

avocado toast

Have Your Avocado Toast and Eat it Too: Why Experiences Always Beat Material Belongings

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the latest viral article about how millennials can’t afford houses because we’re purchasing too much avocado toast, but the real question isn’t why we’re not buying houses, it’s why we’re choosing experiences over material belongings. Blame the recession. Blame the Internet. Whatever you’re choosing to […]

short-term travel on miles

Short-Term Travel on Miles: Why Non-Frequent Flyers Should Collect Too

I know, it sounds crazy. I used to hear about all these travelers going all over the world only on miles and thought to myself, “What about those of us who aren’t constantly traveling? Is it even worth it for us?” So I decided to start investigating and learning about frequent flyer programs. And, as […]

travel more malta

The Biggest Reason You Don’t Travel More: Why It Shouldn’t Hold You Back

Now I know there are a bajillion reasons we can all come up with not to travel more. There’s no time. There’s not enough money. You couldn’t find a friend to go with you, so you decided to stick to a staycation instead. But none of these are at the true reason you don’t travel […]

ultimate travel tip list

The Ultimate Travel Tip List For Europe: From Planning, to Packing, and Even Arriving

So you’ve booked your ticket. Then you day dreamed about lying on the beach, soaking up the sun in Greece, or riding your first double decker bus in London, or even watching the lights on the Eiffel Tower in Paris. But before you even start packing, be sure to check out my ultimate travel tip […]