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Short-Term Travel on Miles: Why Non-Frequent Flyers Should Collect Too

I know, it sounds crazy. I used to hear about all these travelers going all over the world only on miles and thought to myself, “What about those of us who aren’t constantly traveling? Is it even worth it for us?” So I decided to start investigating and learning about frequent flyer programs. And, as some of you know, I started my miles collecting journey about 3 months ago. I’m currently at 126,276 miles. Just to put this in perspective, because number of miles collected does not equal number of miles you can fly, this is about the equivalent of two round trip flights to Europe OR a round trip flight to Asia (and then some) if flying from the U.S. Pretty awesome results for just two months right? Time to start that short-term travel on miles!

But the biggest excuse that I hear from people who aren’t constantly traveling is that collecting miles is for those who travel all the time… and to that I say that is absolute bull crap. If anything, we’ve got less pressure to collect as many miles as possible, because we don’t necessarily need a million miles in a year for travel. We probably only need about 200,000 if we’re really getting our traveler’s grove on after that 9 to 5.

So what does this mean? We don’t have to open 12 credit cards a year to achieve travel hacking like several who are constantly traveling. I mean if you’re pumped about the wizardry that is collecting miles then go for it! Because, why not? But I gained those miles above from 2 credit cards. One I now LOVE and use everyday and the other, I got my miles, paid off my card, and haven’t touched since. Either way, my credit is about the same as it was before I even opened my first travel card. Slow and steady miles collecting over here.

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Discover quirky new places around the world with all your miles!

Short-Term Travel on Miles: Bonus in Business Class!

So why haven’t I started booking those trips and started using those miles? Because I’ve got a strategy I’m brewing. And basically, if you’re collecting miles, strategy is absolutely key. I’m collecting enough miles to send my boyfriend and myself to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam next year in business class-using miles! Yup. Because I’m not always flying as a short-term traveler, I can collect enough miles within a year or so to fly myself somewhere and be fancy enough to fly business class. And so can YOU!

So forget about the thought that you have to be rich or famous to travel in business or first class. Forget that you can’t afford to travel. With a cool 120,000-160,000 miles, you can fly yourself business class to Asia. The cost out of pocket? $50 a person in taxes. Mind=blown. Luxury travel on a budget is too good of a deal to pass up.

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You do not need to be a frequent flyer to enjoy the perks of frequent flyer miles.

Why You Should Start Collecting Even If You Aren’t Flying All the Time

Like I said above, you don’t have the pressure of needing to open 30 credit cards to collect miles! This allows you to build up your credit score and slowly open credit cards to collect those miles. You also get to save up miles for amazing, literally first class trips to exotic destinations you thought were too expensive to get to.

But another great aspect of short-term travel on miles? The knowledge that even if you only have the time off to take a two week trip to Asia or a one week trip to Italy, you can easily save up enough miles to go again later on. So you feel satisfied knowing you can get the most out of your trip while you’re there. And you won’t be wasting money on another plane ticket. Because who needs to pay thousands of dollars when you can earn thousands of miles just by opening credit cards and spending on everyday purchases? Or taking surveys online? Or online shopping? It’s really all too easy.

So stop listening and thinking that only frequent flyers should collect frequent flyer miles. Maybe it worked that way before travel credit cards became a thing, but today anyone can be a savvy traveler. You just need the right card. So start that short-term travel on miles today!

Where will you take your miles? Let me know in the comments! <3

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Stop wishing you had more money for traveling and start collecting miles now!

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  1. Gary
    Gary says:

    I am up to 190k miles for Delta. I am saving them for a first class trip possibly to Tahiti. Nothing beats first class better than first class on free miles!


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