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Hey fellow running addicts! If not, I totally feel ya. I once HATED it. I got bored, or I couldn’t go far, or I felt self conscious next to super thin runners out there. Then I discovered podcasts that kept me entertained throughout and learned that through running, I could be my own tour guide and get to know each city I lived in better. So I would explore via my routes. It became a fun experiment for me: to find the best view of the city. Now I like to travel for races as well as go for runs in whatever city I’m in.

So continue reading for some running inspiration and discover how you can run the world, one mile at a time!


12 Badass Races You Need to Sign Up For

There is nothing more satisfying than completing a race. You’ve trained so hard for it. You’ve saved money for the race, ate the super foods to get ready, and even researched the best running shoes. Hundreds and even thousands of people are racing for the same cause. I get emotional every race. Some are racing […]