My Couchsurfing Experience

So you’re thinking about taking my advice and trying out couchsurfing? Perfect. It’s such a fun, authentic experience. Here’s a look at what I did during my Brussels couchsurfing adventure.

It was nearing the end of my study abroad experience, and I was running super short on money. My friends and I had already booked our trip to Brussels and Amsterdam, and booked our Amsterdam accommodation. I knew we all could save some cash, and I’d heard about Couchsurfing before and kind of wanted to try it. I suggested it to my friends (there were 4 of us girls), and they were all in. So we did our due diligence, researched our host and his place, contacted him prior, and were set to stay with him for two nights.

fries while couchsurfing

Yes I took a picture of me with 4 sauces and fries. Sometimes you have to do you.

When We Got to Belgium….

Lucky for us, he had a huge house with two extra bedrooms for us to stay in. He gave us maps of the city and recommendations on things to do: Chocolate museum, EU headquarters, where to eat all of the fries and waffles we could stomach, and where all the good beer was to be found. He even gave us free breakfast every morning that consisted of fresh croissants with butter and jam.

On the second night, he hosted a party so we could get to know his friends and see what a Belgium dinner party looked like. The people were friendly, tried to speak as much English as they could (they mostly spoke French), and the food was delicious. They had veggies and dip, bread and some of the most amazing cheese, and charcuterie (various meats). It was an authentic look into the culture.

alleys while couchsurfing

Wandering the streets of Brussels.

We got a deeper insight into the Brussels and Belgian culture…”

Bonus – We found out that our hosts’ brother is a Heineken model. Yup, he’s a model, and that’s pretty freaking sweet. Watch his commercial here.

Overall, we got a deeper insight into the Brussels and Belgian culture. Of course, there’s more to it and various other types of people and cultures there, but it was a vast difference from staying in a hotel in the city center sticking to the touristy areas. We had actually developed a friendship with our host and made new friends with his friends. We also got a local’s view on what he would do, and his recommendations for restaurants and bars. It was truly an amazing experience and I would recommend Couchsurfing to anyone.

chocolate while couchsurfing experience

Did I mention the chocolate is amazing?

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