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Have Your Avocado Toast and Eat it Too: Why Experiences Always Beat Material Belongings

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the latest viral article about how millennials can’t afford houses because we’re purchasing too much avocado toast, but the real question isn’t why we’re not buying houses, it’s why we’re choosing experiences over material belongings.

Blame the recession. Blame the Internet. Whatever you’re choosing to blame, the fact is that millennials have decided to stop pursuing material possessions in favor of experiences. It’s probably because with high student loans and the fact that we may never be able to retire, we may as well enjoy what free time we have via brunching and traveling as much as we can. And with the Internet and apps, we’ve made travel more accessible than ever.

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Experiences > Belongings

We’re more focused on living a happy life. And with studies showing we’re happier with experiences rather than things, it’s no wonder that we’re trying to explore more now and buy the house later. Not to mention the fact that we’re only this age once. We’ll never be this young and able again. Sure, we’ll have all the time in the world once we retire, but will we have the same energy? Will we even be able? Life isn’t guaranteed. You may as well make the most of it while you can.

The best days for me weren’t when I was buying material possessions. They were brunching with friends, hanging out with my family, or traveling with my fiancé. They aren’t when I bought my car or work clothes. Sure, I was definitely excited for those things, but after a while the newness fades. Experiences will always be a wonderful memory.

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Experiences like running the DC half marathon with my sister and fiancé are much better than buying things.

Have Your Avocado Toast and Eat it Too

So have that avocado toast and eat it too! Because us millennials hardly do anything without getting rewards these days. We are either getting cash back, double miles, or coupons to get a discount. So while some see $11 toast, I’m seeing 22 miles towards my next trip. The experience of eating delicious toast is now helping fund my free business class flight to Asia. I’ll take that over a house payment anytime. The memories of traveling to Southeast Asia with my fiancé on our honeymoon? That’ll last a lifetime.

Millennials have started becoming experts in travel and life hacking, and we’ve had to. With the recession and with our high student loans, keeping costs down is our main goal so that we can have more life experiences. So we’ve found ways to get free airline tickets, get money back on purchases, and even score free hotel nights out. Not too shabby right?

So thank goodness we have become experts because now we can not only have that delicious avocado toast to munch on during our 2 hour long boozy brunch, but we also can eat it too.

Where will your avocado toast miles get you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Be sure to share and subscribe!

avocado toast wisconsin

Reward yourself after that avocado toast with a trip.

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